Prayer Requests

We ask your prayers for the following in our church and community :

Fran T.
Judy N.
David S.

Church request:

Please continue to pray for the need for new, handicapped accessible restrooms in our church. Thank you!
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Our  evening Bible Study in the book of Acts has attracted a lot of interest - join us on Sunday evenings at six o'clock .
Pipe organs really are cool, especially when they are nearly 150 years old with completely mechanical action!

Please help us restore and preserve our 1867 organ so that it can once again fill the sanctuary with uplifting music to the glory of God.

You can make a contribution online at

or send your contribution to: FBC Organ Fund, 461 Main Street, West Townsend, MA 01474

The rich and mellow tones of Townsend’s first pipe organ brought joy and inspiration to generations – and with your help it can come alive again. The Andover Organ company is supervising the restoration of the 1867 George Stevens and Sons tracker organ at First Baptist Church of West Townsend. Silent for the past eight years, the organ is much in need of repair, and is being relocated to the best acoustical spot in the sanctuary - the newly expanded gallery - where it can fill the space with sacred music once again.