First Baptist Church of West Townsend  Seeking to grow as followers of Jesus 
From Sunday, March 1, on Matthew 25:31-46:

When we help those in need we don’t focus on what we are doing for them, but what they need. Jesus spoke of the hungry, and considered that hunger as his own. “You fed me.” He spoke of the thirsty, as though he himself were thirsting. “You gave me something to drink.” He identified with the loneliness of the stranger, the cold of the person needing clothing, the pain of the sick person, and desperation of the prisoner. He calls us to respond to their hunger, thirst, loneliness, cold, pain, or hopelessness. 

Look at the verbs: you fed; you gave; you invited; you clothed, you looked after, you visited. These words motivate me, because they show us the simple ways that we – no matter how much or little we have – can help to meet the needs of others. We don’t have to be wealthy to make a difference. We only need to see the needs in the world  around us and respond however God enables us.
Pastor Kevin Patterson and his wife, Rina, at our December Community Supper.